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Teaming with Audiologists

hear ME now is the Key to Success!

Audiologists and the Listening and Spoken Language Specialists at hear ME now can work together to support families and help ensure the best possible listening and spoken language outcomes for their shared clients.

Primary care audiologists determine the best form(s) of amplification to provide the child with hearing loss access to speech and language through listening. This requires a specialized evaluation and diagnosis. 

hear ME now Listening and Spoken Language Specialists can: 

  • Provide ongoing diagnostic treatment during weekly sessions to assess basic functioning of the hearing instrument(s) as well as potential changes in hearing status and listening skills. When changes occur, collaboration with audiologists can help inform others working with the child and the family about hearing status and equipment functioning. 
  • Analyze the child's perception and production across sessions and use this information to determine the child's functional access to speech. 
The Benefits of Working Together are Many!

For Professionals:

  • Obtain more functional and diagnostic data from the child during an appointment
  • Have full understanding of current level of function and most recent evaluation/data
  • Learn about child and family
  • Increased confidence in service delivery 
  • Encourage and challenge professionals to do their best

For Child and Family

  • Child is fitted with appropriate/optimal amplification more quickly
  • Access to two professionals who have a full understanding of current level of function
  • Parents do not have to relay information between the professionals
  • Parents do not have to explain the detailed audiologic information to the therapist
  • Family receives a higher level of service and experiences a higher level of satisfaction