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Teaming with Early Intervention providers

A NH Early Intervention provider on teaming with hear ME now. 

hear ME now offers a unique professional development opportunity to Early Intervention (EI) providers working with young children with hearing loss and their families. This proven program provides virtual coaching from a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist to help EI providers support listening and spoken language goals and desired family outcomes.

Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS Cert. AVT) are licensed Speech Language Pathologists who have voluntarily attained a high-level of specialty education and experience in listening and spoken language theory and practice. The Alexander Graham Bell Academy offers certification to professionals who meet rigorous academic, professional, post-graduate education, and mentoring requirements, and who pass the LSLS certification exam. 

The hear ME now LSL coaching program is highly individualized to meet the needs of EI providers and families. Each EI provider participant will develop a coaching plan with goals that reflect their current level of experience and their desired outcomes. Potential outcomes include:

  • Participants demonstrate understanding of the key components of Listening and Spoken Language therapy including application of basic speech acoustics, auditory brain development, and strategies for building language and literacy. 
  • Participants will select treatment targets based upon a student’s stage of auditory development, and typical sequences of development.

Pre and post self assessments using a standardized checklist of established competencies will be used to provide valuable feedback to participating providers and hear ME now.