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Resources for Families and Adults - Articles with Helpful Tips

Resources for Adults

How to Be Your Best Bluffer
People with hearing loss bluff. We can't help it; it's part of the hard of hearing package. We give the impression of understanding what's being said and being actively engaged in a conversation. In reality, we're just putting on a show. 

Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants
This information has been written to help you understand more about tinnitus if you have a cochlear implant or are being assessed for one. 

Get the Most Out of Your CI Mapping Appointment
In a week you will meet with your audiologist. If you are like most people, you haven’t seen her or him in a year or more. Mapping sessions are often short and technical. 

Tips for Overcoming the Challenges of Listening in Noise with a Cochlear Implant
Cochlear Implants are a revolutionary technology that assist people with hearing loss when hearing aids are no longer sufficient to bring clear communication. 

Tips on Helping Family With Hearing Loss at Holiday Gatherings
This holiday season, many people with hearing loss will be attending their first group gatherings in almost two years. Audiologists and SLPs can provide strategies to students, clients, or patients to help those with hearing difficulties better navigate these lively, but often noisy, gatherings of friends and family.


Resources for Families of Children with Hearing Loss - Articles with Helpful Tips

Easy Strategies to Support Speech for Babies and Toddlers With Cochlear Implants
After cochlear implant activation, hearing your child say their first word is one of the early but powerful milestones along their hearing journey. But getting to that first word takes time, depending on many factors like how much access to sound your child had before activation.

Tips for Increasing Preschool Attention Spans
This is a guest blog post from Kim Lewis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP. Kim is sharing all about her top tips for increasing preschool attention spans. 

Listen to ME! Strategies in Action
A guide for learning strategies to support Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) outcomes for children with hearing loss.

How to Practice Daily Listening Checks With Ling Six Sounds
You might’ve read articles about it, heard your early interventionist explain it or seen a video example showing it, but what exactly is a listening check and why is it important? Read on to learn about listening checks and how you can practice them with your baby with hearing loss!