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21st Annual Break the Sound Barrier Ski Race Wrap Up

Thank you to the entire hear ME now community, sponsors, donors, and skiers for making the 21st Annual Break the Sound Barrier Ski Race the best it could be, T-Bar and all!

Thanks to you we reached our fundraising goal, all funds raised will help us to support Listening and Spoken Language programs for children and adults in northern New England!

We appreciate you all!


Top Fundraising Team - ARB raising over $6,300!
*ARB is a repeat winner of this category! 

Fastest Team (Gross Fundraising) - Martin's Point 
Jordan Ouellette, Sara Perry, Cliff Young, Eric Gunn

Fastest Team (Net Fundraising) - Brannen CPA
Rowan Wilcox, Logan Spera, Owen Spera, Matt Spera

Best Team Costume - Here for the Shenanigans
Henry Sweet, Dominic Zitske, Laura Sweet, Laura Zitske

Fastest Adult Female - Jordan Ouellette (Martin's Point) with a time of 16.53

Fastest Adult Male - Cliff Young (Martin's Point) with a time of 15.31

Fastest U-15 Female- Sidney Klimaytis (Novick) with a time of 18.63

Fastest U-15 Male - Logan Spera (Brannen CPA)  with a time of 18.62

Most Leisurely Pace - Pam Dawson (hear ME now)



1.) TEAM ARB                      $6,330
2.) TEAM NOVICK               $3,208

3.) TEAM HEAR ME NOW   $2,525
4.) BRANNEN CPA              $1,925
5.) TEAM SWEET                $1,150
6.) SEVEE & MAHER          $225
7.) MARTIN'S POINT          $200

This year's event is generously sponsored by: 

Ember Infrastructure
Stormwater Compliance/Porous Technologies
Martin's Point Healthcare
Albin, Randall & Bennett, CPA
Sevee & Maher Engineers
Town & Country Federal CU
Brannen CPA
Advanced Bionics
Marsh Agency
Marles Holdings
Maine Medical Partners
Coastal Lawn Care
New England Development


Break the Sound Barrier Motorcycle Ride - benefiting hear ME now

Held annually in July. 
Thank you to the Widows Sons Maine Grand Chapter for their continued support of hear ME now.