Opportunities to Help

Your support for hear ME now helps bring the gift of listening and speaking to Maine’s children and adults with hearing loss!

EchoECHO – Ensuring Choice for Hearing Outcomes – Our Recurring Giving Program

Every day, someone you love communicates more easily because of hear ME now. Loved ones are connecting like they never could before because of hear ME now and caring people like you.

Our ECHO program helps make that happen. ECHO stands for Ensuring Choice in Hearing Options.

ECHO is a recurring monthly gift that ensures that those connections are sustained and will continue to grow. Your ECHO gift helps families now and in the future.

Please sign up to be a recurring ECHO member here!

Volunteer Opportunities

hear ME now’s Annual Break the Sound Barrier ski race is held the first Sunday in March. This is a fun day of skiing and fundraising with skiers ranging from ages 5 to 75 in a comically competitive ski race annual fundraiser for hear ME now, Maine’s leading auditory oral education center.

Volunteers are needed to help this wonderful event running smoothly. Please contact Pam Dawson if you can help. Thank you!!