Speech and Hearing Professionals


child with a hearing impairment With your audiological expertise and our aural habilitation skills, every Maine child with a hearing impairment can have the opportunity to learn to communicate through listening and speaking.

Hearing is the best sense modality for accessing the speech signal, since speech is acoustically based. The ear is the only sense organ that effectively and fully appreciates acoustic events. Speech is an acoustic event!

That’s why our Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS) need a close working relationship with audiologists.

  • You determine the best form(s) of amplification to provide the hearing-impaired child with access to speech and language through listening. This requires your specialized evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Audiological information, detailing the child’s hearing thresholds when wearing their hearing instrument(s) such as cochlear implants or hearing aids, informs our LSLS about speech perception ability and speech production capabilities.
  • Ongoing diagnostic treatment during weekly Listening and Spoken Language sessions assesses basic functioning of the hearing instrument(s) as well as potential changes in hearing status and listening skills.
  • Our LSLS analyzes the child’s perception and production performance across sessions and uses this information to determine the child’s functional access to the acoustic events of connected speech. When changes occur, collaboration with you informs all professionals working with the child and the family about hearing status and equipment functioning.

Let’s TEAM UP!
T is for together
is for effective evaluation every day
A is for acoustic access to speech/language
is for meeting the needs of the child and family

U is for using resources effectively
P is for professionals and parents partnering together.

With hearing technology and early intervention from hear ME now!, Maine children can listen, talk and communicate like their hearing friends. Imagine that.

Speech Language Pathologists

Professional Development and Mentoring Opportunities

The number of families choosing a spoken language approach is increasing each year due to advances being made in hearing technology (digital hearing aids, cochlear implants). Recognizing the shortage of certified professionals to provide appropriate therapy to these children, hear ME now offers a Professional Development and Mentoring Program for Speech Language Pathologists

Mentoring is a caring and supportive interpersonal relationship between an experienced, more knowledgeable individual (mentor) in which the protégé or mentee receives career-related and personal benefits. We view our mentoring relationships as an opportunity to challenge and expand our own practice, and as a vehicle to nurture a community of practice in auditory oral education in Maine. Our Mentoring Program facilitates the transfer of knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and values between a hear ME now Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and a less experienced practitioner.

Working together, the mentor and mentee will identify and target specific clinician skills for developments. Specific skills to be targeted include the development of intervention techniques in listening and spoken language for children with hearing loss, birth to five. Face to face contacts, telephone calls, videoconferencing or video viewing (of recorded therapy sessions) are all used to maintain contact.

We also offer frequent workshops and seminars that are often ASHA certified.

Contact us to learn more about professional development opportunities in Listening and Spoken Language.