Schools & Educators PreK-12

We offer 2 types of services for K-12 Maine schools that support the academic, social, listening and spoken language goals of their students with hearing loss.

photo21. Maine School Consulting/Coaching Services for Students with Hearing Loss:

Early identification of hearing loss, advances in technology, and quality early intervention services, are enabling a growing number of children with hearing loss to enter neighborhood schools as early as kindergarten.

These students have unique needs and many Maine schools have limited resources and experience with students with hearing loss that communicate through listening and spoken language. When a school is unfamiliar with hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants and other assistive devices commonly used by these students, it can be difficult to anticipate the students’ unique needs, both academically and socially.

A hear ME now consultant, who’s a trained and experienced auditory oral teacher of the deaf, provides support and training to school professionals and students through a variety of personalized services that incorporate specific strategies to enhance each student’s academic and social experience.

hear ME now will work with you to create a customized consulting model that meets your goals for your school and the students you serve.

Our consultations may include:

  • observations and recommendations
  • acoustic modifications
  • speech, language and functional listening assessments

hear ME now also provides teaching teams with information and mentoring in auditory techniques and teaching strategies that optimize the educational experience for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Not only will students receive needed services, but your staff will gain valuable training that will enable them to meet the needs of students in the future.

2. Maine Itinerant Teacher Services for Direct Auditory Oral Education Support:

hear ME nows itinerant teacher service puts an experienced auditory oral teacher of the deaf at your school, several times a week, to offer direct assistance to students. For many students with hearing loss, this personal attention is critical to success.

The itinerant teacher’s expertise in hearing loss, and its effect on access to the curriculum, ensures that any challenges the student is facing are noticed and addressed immediately.

Read a letter that one of our families submitted to the Maine Commissioner of Education that demonstrates how hear ME now consultations are helping children with hearing loss succeed in mainstream schools.

Contact us to explore Maine classroom support for students with a hearing loss.