What about American Sign Language?

Does hear ME now use an “Auditory Verbal” or “Auditory Oral” approach?

Our Listening & Spoken Language Specialists help the parents/primary caregivers learn to support their child’s listening and language via full time use of  hearing aids or cochlear implants.

The term “Listening and Spoken Language” has been used in more recent years to represent the continuum of methods used to support the development of age appropriate spoken language skills through listening.  We do not use a rigid approach – we have extensive experience to support your child’s unique needs as you learn to help him/her listen and speak the language of your home through everyday play activities.  Sometimes you may choose to use natural gestures or speech reading to help your child, and other times you may choose to work solely on your child’s auditory skills.

Considering a Bilingual Bimodal approach?

A Bilingual Bimodal approach supports the acquisition of both American Sign Language and spoken English.  It includes access to visual language, as well as maximal use of hearing technology  and spoken language therapy. The languages are kept separate and whole. Some of the families we work with choose a bilingual bimodal approach, and we are happy to support their choice.  They work with hear ME now to develop their child’s listening and spoken language skills, because they want to work with Maine’s only certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists.  Our staff has more than 25 years of combined experience helping parents learn to support their child’s language development through listening.

Will hear ME now tell me that using sign language will prevent my child from learning to listen and speak?

No.  We do have access to research and presentations that explore this topic we will share with you, if you wish to learn more. We are happy to share new, parent friendly research that details what it takes for a child to learn to listen and speak to their highest potential. A listening and talking outcome is now probable  when parents and professionals follow best practice guidelines from the earliest ages. 

Will I have to sit behind my child and not face them if I work with hear ME now?

No.  Our specialists will help you to learn how to use strategies to support your child’s listening and speaking skills in fun and loving ways.

Will hear ME now tell me not to gesture with my hands when I’m talking to my child?

No. Our specialists will help you teach your child using the natural spoken language you use in your home every day.