Preschool Programs

Our Maine preschool services for deaf or hearing-impaired children ages 3-5 include a community-based program and/or Individual Listening and Spoken Language Therapy.

Community-Based Preschool Coaching Support
In Your Community

Early identification of hearing loss, advances in technology, and quality early intervention services are enabling a growing number of children with hearing loss to enter neighborhood schools as early as kindergarten. These students have unique needs and neighborhood schools often have limited resources to support these children.

Our consultative services help support the needs of these students.

  • We provide comprehensive training resources to early childhood center professionals to help ensure that each child’s community optimizes his or her listening and language skills.
  • Our hear ME now advisors provide teaching teams with information and mentoring in auditory techniques and teaching strategies that optimize the educational experience for students with hearing loss.
  • With our support, not only do students receive needed services, but your staff gains valuable training to meet the needs of hearing-impaired students in the future.
  • Consultation includes a combination of onsite visits and distance technology, an initial needs assessment, professional skill development, and coaching – all based upon the individual needs of students and the staff working with them.
  • The goal of the program is to establish a network of qualified community based preschools with access to appropriate resources and expertise in auditory oral education. The long term outcome will be to enable children with hearing loss, whose families have chosen spoken language, to become fully participating members of their communities.

“hear ME now has a lot of valuable and wonderful knowledge about working with kids with hearing loss and auditory learning. They were very open to going with the schedule of the class and providing support strategies within the activities already planned.” KT – Sandcastle Preschool, Lewiston, ME”

“It was so helpful to observe the modeling of teaching strategies and then have the opportunity to discuss the reasoning behind them” – Arundel Preschool Classroom Teacher

For more information on the Preschool Program called SHIPS, please click here.

Individual Listening and Spoken Language Therapy Sessions:

Maine preschool children with hearing loss, even those who have not previously attended hear ME now, can participate in individual sessions with Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. These sessions take place in child care settings.

  • These sessions focus on the development of speech, language and thinking skills through listening.
  • They continue the process of learning to listen that began in early intervention and build the child’s ability to learn and communicate effectively in neighborhood schools.
  • Situations requiring additional individual sessions may include, but are not limited to, recent activation of a cochlear language, simultaneous communication to spoken language, etc.), and children have other identified learning challenges.