Preschool Music Class

The hear ME now Maine program, “Music for Little Ears,” encourages you to engage your deaf or hearing-impaired child in fun and interactive musical activities.

Music and singing have always been an important part of the human experience, and children with hearing loss can enjoy it with you!

Exposure to music allows children with hearing loss to participate, share and enjoy a life activity with hearing friends and family members.

  • Singing with your child helps develop his or her listening skills
  • Putting words to music helps your child remember them
  • Singing songs focuses on voice pitch and rhythm
  • Rhythm in songs helps to develop rhythm in speech

Our Preschool Music Class is for Maine children between the ages of 2-5 with hearing loss who are aided for access to sound, their siblings and caregivers.

It is co-led by a certified Music Educator and a hear ME now Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. The program encourages and models participation in spontaneous musical activity occurring within the context of daily life to help caregivers discover the joys of family music. Improvisation, humor, playfulness, and fun are built right into the program.

Contact us if you’d like more information about “Music for Little Ears,” our Maine Preschool Music Class.