You’re not alone.
hear ME now programs and services are designed
to help every parent of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Supporting parents as they teach their children to listen and speak is a very important piece of what we do at hear ME now. Explore our different programs for you and your child at every stage of development.

Parent-Infant Program
Find out how our combined in-home and/or tele-intervention shows you how to incorporate sound and language lessons into your child’s daily routine.

Parent and Family Workshops (links to calendar)
Join us at family workshops offered throughout the year at our center. These programs cover such issues as the Maine Special Education system, advocating for your child, behavior management skills, and more. You’ll find programs during the school day and on evenings and weekends. Many of these programs are free or offered at a low cost.

Special Events for Families (links to newsletter page)
Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed well in advance of special activities planned at the center for your child and your family. Such events may include open houses, parent meetings, educational workshops and seasonal celebrations.

Contact us if you’d like more information about our Maine Parent / Infant Programs.