Parent / Infant / Toddler Programs

Give your child an early start to lifelong
“listening and speaking” communication with hear ME now

If you’re a Maine parent of an infant with hearing loss… the earlier your infant is identified, amplified and enrolled in an appropriate intervention program, the greater your child’s opportunity to successfully acquire spoken language and speech intelligibility.

First, talk with your doctor, audiologist, and Child Development Services…
Next, consider how hear ME now can assist with your infant’s communication progress.
Our Family Centered Approach – Home based therapy

One of the greatest rewards for parents is being the key factor in their child learning to communicate in the hearing world. Parents know their child best and they have a sense of caring that cannot be matched. The family is one of the most influential forces in human life; and hear ME now believes how we educate, nurture, guide and support parents will significantly impact the development of their child.

In our parent guidance approach to early intervention, parents and caregivers are instructed in techniques to help them be the primary language teachers for their child. Parents and caregivers are with their young child during most waking hours and so are able to create listening and language opportunities as part of every day play and routines.

Parents learn listening and spoken language techniques and strategies through parent-therapist teamwork. They obtain the guidance and supports they need to become actively involved in their child’s learning thus developing a greater sense of confidence and control. Parents collaborate with the therapist in adapting play activities to their child’s interests and abilities.

Parents learn by observing and listening, but mostly by doing! For any child’s therapy program to be effective, parents must not just observe, but participate.

Family-to-Family Support

Hear ME Everywhere!

Our online early intervention is a growing part of our programs for families of children with hearing impairments.  Many families in Maine live in rural areas where the closest qualified therapist may be located several hours from home.   Limited access to transportation or work schedules can also make scheduling therapy appointments a challenge. We believe every family should have access to the services they choose, no matter where they live.  Contact us to learn how your family can benefit from tele-therapy sessions.

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