Ling Six-Sound Test

Ling 6 Video Pre-school

Cathy Janelle, Speech-Language Pathologist and Listening & Spoken Language Specialist at hear ME now works in a living room setting with a pre-school child performing the Ling 6 Sound Test. Click image to view the video.

The Ling Six Sound Test (Ling 1976, 1989) can be used by anyone –audiologists, speech language pathologists, teachers and parents. The test can be used with hearing aids, cochlear implants or no amplification at all and provides a quick and accurate assessment of a child’s ability to hear across the frequencies essential for spoken language development for people with hearing loss.

The concept behind Daniel Ling’s Six Sound Test was to select familiar speech sounds that would broadly represent the speech spectrum from 250-8000 Hz. This spectral range is the same range tested by conventional audiometry. Ling used isolated phonemes to target low, middle and high frequency sounds.

The phonemes for the Ling Six Sound Test are [m], [ah], [oo], [ee], [sh] and [s]. There are many ways to use this test to assess a child’s access to the sounds vital for development of spoken language skills. A short review of the hierarchy of auditory skills will be helpful in thinking of ways to use the Ling Six Sound Test.

To view a video of the Ling Six Sound Test being performed by hear ME now, visit:

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