Newly Diagnosed Child?

This is a journey many families have successfully navigated. The knowledgeable, experienced and caring professionals at hear ME now are ready to help you.

Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk!


Welcome to hear ME now. Thank you for taking this first, brave step towards learning about the choices available for your child . . . and for your family. We understand how difficult this process can be. 

This is a new generation for babies with hearing loss! Recent advances in hearing technology and proven successes in listening and spoken language specialty programs have made it possible for children born with hearing loss—even a profound hearing loss—to develop listening and spoken language skills comparable to their peers with typical hearing.

At hear ME now, we believe that every child with hearing loss should have the opportunity to learn to listen, speak and reach their fullest potential.

The years from Birth to Three are critical for babies as they learn to listen to the world around them. What you and your baby do now will impact the development of listening, talking and even reading later on.

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