Early Intervention

What does Early Intervention for babies and toddlers with hearing loss look like with hear ME now?

You are your child’s first and best teacher.

Our Early Intervention program for infants and toddlers is family-centered and helps families like yours learn communication strategies to use with your child as part of their everyday life. This includes teaching parents and caregivers to increase your child’s awareness to sound, to attend to sounds in the environment, and to develop the early communication skills that will lay a foundation for speech and language.

A Listening and Spoken Language Specialist trained in developing listening and spoken language meets with your family in your home, either in person or virtually through internet-based technology.

Parents and family members play the primary role in our early intervention sessions. With support from hear ME now, you will learn to provide a language-rich environment, make hearing a meaningful part of your child’s everyday experiences and encourage full-time use of amplification.

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