Communication Options

As a Maine parent, you can choose the communication option or, a combination of options, that work best for your family. If you are an adult, your options are similar.

hear ME now understands that every child’s hearing loss is unique.

There’s a continuum of communication and learning options for children or adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. Some families choose spoken language, while others choose exclusively signed language; and there are also various combinations of spoken and signed languages. Hear ME now supports families who have chosen multiple communication options. We work with any family who desires our support.

Auditory-Oral Education and Auditory-Verbal Therapy – Our Specialty

These approaches are based on the principle that most children who are deaf or hard of hearing can be taught to listen and speak with early amplification and early intervention with specialists in Listening and Spoken Language. Primary emphasis is placed upon audition (hearing) to acquire speech. Children’s brains are naturally wired at birth to learn language through listening.

Studies have shown language skills – including phonologic systems and syntax – are based on auditory function. (citation) Auditory-oral education allows a child to process information auditorilly and then apply that knowledge to reading – thus increasing literacy rates. (learn more…)

Hear ME now specializes in auditory-oral and auditory-verbal services for infants, children and adults. We have the most highly qualified professionals in listening and spoken language in Maine.

Explore the ways that Auditory-Oral Education can work wonders for your child’s communications .

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