About Us

hear ME now is Maine’s leading Listening and Spoken language center for children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Families of children with hearing loss can count on us for guidance on learning to listen and speak through innovative teaching and technology.

hear ME now provides the following programs and services to families and professionals in Maine:

• Early intervention services at home, helping your baby learn to listen through play
• Teleintervention – breaking down geographic barriers to specialized services 
• Parent and adult support gatherings
• Consultative support to community preschools by a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist
• School age direct support and consultation
• Professional development in listening and spoken language strategies to educators and speech pathologists
• Adult aural rehabilitation – post cochlear implantation

All our service providers hold a certification in Listening and Spoken Language (LSLS) or are completing an extensive LSLS preparatory program. hear ME now employs the ONLY LSLS therapists and educators in Maine!

What is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist? This highly skilled individual has…

• Special training in promoting language development through listening
• International certification from the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language (The   Alexander Graham Bell Academy was established in 2005 to advance listening and talking opportunities for   deaf or hard of hearing individuals through established standards of excellence)
• A passing score on the international LSLS-AV certification exam
• A Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology OR Education of the hearing impaired
• A license/certificate to practice in Maine
• 30-80 hours of post-graduate study in Strategies for Listening and Spoken Language Development
• At least 900 clock hours of professional experience in providing auditory verbal therapy within the past 3   years. At least 750 of these hours must be in direct therapy, OR, at least 15 clock hours per week for 3   school years directly teaching children with hearing loss to listen and talk in a Listening and Spoken   Language Program.
• Signed letters of recommendation from 3 families

hear ME now! is an active member of OPTION International, a consortium of programs dedicated to advancing excellence in listening and spoken language education.

Ready to discover how a Listening and Spoken Language approach can help you or your child? Contact us for a consultation.