Annual “Break the Sound Barrier” Ski Race

On Sunday, March 3, 2019 we held our 17th annual ski race fundraiser!

The 2019 event hit the marks for fundraising and fun-racing with perfect skiing conditions and a great turnout. Best of all, we reconnected with old friends and welcomed new faces!

The 17th Annual “Break the Sound Barrier” Ski Race & Winter Fest was again  held at Mt. Abram, in Greenwood.  Last year we moved the event to Mt. Abram and added Winterfest activities with family friendly outdoor games, sledding, fire pit, hot chocolate, and s’mores. 

Weren’t able to attend, you can still support our teams with the link below:

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SPONSORSHIP: A huge thank you to our spectacular sponsors, without their support we could not put on this event. THANK YOU!!!

If you would like to join in on the fun and support hear ME now as a sponsor for our 2020 event, check out our sponsorship information here:Sponsorship Information


See the full gallery of photos here.

Photos taken by Cunningham Photography.

A BIG Thank You to our 2019 generous sponsors! 

Albin, Randall & Bennett
Coastal Landscaping
Irwin Tardy & Morris
Martin’s Point Health Care
Maine Medical Center
Marles Holding, LLC
Murray Plumb & Murray
Porous Technologies  
Stormwater Compliance
New England Development
Patriot Insurance
Red Sox Foundation
Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc.
Signia Hearing Aids, Inc.
Titan Environmental
Tyler Technologies

2019 Individual Ski Race Times


Fastest Team (Gross): Martin’s Point (1:38)
(Wai-Houng Leung, Jordan Ouellette, Sara Freedman, Eric Gun)
Fastest Team (Net After Donations): Team Novick (1:52.59)
(Tina Novick, Sarah Novick, Sylvie Donnell, & Oren Kuhn)
Fastest Adult Male Skier: Sam Pfeifle (24.42)
Fastest Adult Female Skier: Jordan Ouellette & Sarah Novick (23.08)
Fastest Male 14-18: Aubrey Denico (25.26)
Fastest Female 14-18: 
Shayla Harriman (27.80)
Fastest Male Under 14: Nico Perlut (27.75)
Fastest Female Under 14: Rosa Perlut (31.46)
Top Fundraising Team: Captain Bart Haag of Team Albin, Randall & Bennett
Best Wipeout: Shaun Morrison (Team Sevee & Maher)
Best Child Costume: Shamus Morrison (Team Sevee & Maher)
Best Adult Costume: Zack Daniels (aka Freddie Mercury- – Team Bohemian Rhapid Ski)
Best Team Costumes: Maine Med (The Doctors), Sevee & Maher (3 Little Pigs & The Wolf)
Best Cheerer: Victoria Locicero Alfano

2019 Teams

Albin, Randall & Bennett (Karla Brannen, John Armbuster, Benjamin Lipton& Kelsy Livermore)
Bohemian Rhapid Ski (Zack Daniels, Emily Girard, Marc Girard, Shayla Harriman)
hear ME now/ Tyler Tech (Ben Dawson, Rob Silvers, Reed Silvers, Audrey Haskell)
Maine Med (Matthew Hearst, Liz Pearce, Megan Abbott, Kristen Pfeifle)
Martin’s Point (Wai-Houng Leung, Jordan Ouellette, Sara Freedman, Eric Gun)
MPM (Audrey O’Meara, Rosa Perlut, Nico Perlut, Enzo Perlut)
Sevee & Maher (Abby Latulippe, Molly Glover, Shaun Morrison, Shamus Morrison)
Smells Like Team Spirit (Nick Cohen, Sam Deacon, Jennifer Long, Gregg Cohen)
Team Novick (Tina Novick, Sarah Novick, Sylvie Donnell, Oren Kuhn)
Pfeifle Flyers (Sam Pfeifle, Ruby Pfeifle, Gus Pfeifle, Luke Pfeifle)
Tuxskido (Gabe Daniels, Aubrey Denico)